Vedant Test


Character-based application testing and certification - functional, regression, load and stress

Vedant Test is a complete system for all aspects of testing and certification of applications, so that test engineers can ensure that quality is preserved after changes, or when porting to different platforms. Real applications can be run with simulated users that can automatically run anything from simple, single user tests through to complex tests for hundreds or even thousands of users executing realistic mixes of application transactions, so that performance testing can be achieved easily and quickly.

Maximize your productivity
Test's unique distributed processing facility allows a single test operator to plan, control, execute and analyze tests over a complete, enterprise-wide, distributed and heterogeneous computing network so that all project management can be controlled from a single console. Once developed, tests can be run again and again at minimum cost, so that testing no longer is a 'throw away' activity.

Test is specifically used in legacy testing environments where a mix of legacy systems may need to be tested for performance, migration or web-enablement, so that you can extend legacy lifecycles or migrate to your chosen platform effectively.

Superior Technology
Vedant Incorporated's award winning test engine incorporates host-based execution, and a unique auto-synchronization feature to keep test scripts in synch with the application during test playback. Vedant Test is multi-platform, and supports testing on IBM, Digital, Sun, HP & Windows NT/2000/XP. Vedant Test is the only tool in the industry that was built exclusively for testing character-based applications.

Return on Investment
Vedant Incorporated's script generator allows users to create automated test scripts by simply recording their test scenarios in the built-in terminal emulator. Test cases can be embedded in the scripts during the recording process by selecting icons on the toolbar to verify application behaviour and screen displays.

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