Vedant Timer


Removing the guesswork from performance measurement

Effective, credible management depends on accurate information. If you don't know for sure what service you are delivering to your users, how can you make an informed management decision? You need to be able to measure and analyse system responses. Only then can you be sure that hardware is being effectively employed; that levels of service are being met.

Identify the problem the first time
Slow computer systems waste both time and valuable resources. They cause frustration and inefficiency. As a result, the reputation of the service provider suffers.

Until now, identifying the nature of the problem and taking steps to solve it has been difficult because there has been little realistic information on which to base decision making. But with Vedant Timer, all that has changed. Timer is designed to help

OpenVMS managers and users measure and track response times on live, operational systems. System managers get the vital information they need. Users get better service. Organizational performance improves.

Get the right data
Five built-in timers and eight built-in reports mean you can start serious performance measurement within minutes of installation. Comprehensive timer definition allows you to pinpoint the exact business transaction you want to measure. By gathering data as accurately as this you will immediately understand how your system is being used. Timings can also be displayed or printed in a number of pre-defined statistical formats to assist you in identifying trends or pre-empting degrading response times in your performance critical applications. Vedant Timer is a must for character-based application response time collection and analysis.


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