Vedant Video


For use in computer-based training classes, security screening, and help desk support

Vedant Video assists system managers, software support and help desk staff, and computer operations staff to record whole terminal sessions, which can then be examined in detail to search for hostile actions by unauthorized users. Furthermore, Vedant Video allows software and application trainers, and application demonstrators to record user terminal actions which can then be replayed as demonstrations or training exercises.

Guided training, even when the trainer is thousands of miles away
Using Vedant Video, help desk staff can watch a user's screen to aid with problem diagnosis, and then go on to 'take over the terminal keyboard' and show the correct usage - even when the user and help desk staff are thousands of miles apart.
This is because Vedant Video can capture terminal screen activity which it can copy to one or more additional terminals, allowing many users to see exactly the same output appearing on their own terminals. As a result, help desk staff and application trainers can see exactly what the user sees on their terminal screen, so that misunderstandings are reduced or eliminated.

Easy to use and secure too
Software demonstrators can install and use demonstrations of large and complex software products in seconds, eliminating the need for costly configurations. Furthermore, Vedant Video's own security system prevents any misuse of these facilities.
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