Vedant DateWarp


Reduce the requirement for dedicated test hardware by simulating the system clock

Vedant DateWarp is a system clock simulator for OpenVMS operating systems. It allows multiple testers to have their own system clock on the same physical machine. It reduces the requirement for dedicated test hardware and allows testers to work independently, thereby improving productivity and reducing critical paths. Vedant  DateWarp supports clock simulation at the process, job, username, and group levels.
Return on Investment
Using Vedant DateWarp, testers can validate that your applications still function correctly after any further enhancements or modifications are made. As a result, productivity is increased in the validation process and the overall testing project time line is shortened significantly.

Ease of Use
Vedant DateWarp allows tests to be created by less technical staff or end-users because it is invoked with a simple DCL command and comes complete with a standard OpenVMS help file.
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