In addition to our .NET development services TelGen provide design and development services for traditional Windows based developments. Our main areas of expertise are:
  • Architecture design
  • C/C++ system development
  • System integration and interfacing
  • System testing
We currently provide on-going development and support for projects which include:
  • Software test tools
  • Home automation programming interface
  • File conversion utilities for Accounts systems
TelGen Develops Home Automation Configuration Software
TelGen continues its design and development of Comfigurator, a Windows configuration program designed for configuring the Comfort security and home automation system from the Singapore-based Cytech Technology pte Ltd. Comfort is one of the most versatile Home management systems available today.

Comfigurator enables the full range of features provided by Comfort to be configured using a powerful graphical user interface. It provides a special high-level language for defining "responses" or macros, and a "Response Wizard" which uses a simple point and click interface to allow non-programmers to generate the language statements for a response.
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