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Families 3.0.0 released - admin - 09-Feb-2018

Families 3.0.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android is now available.  This is a major new release:
  • Re-engineered so that more than 95% of code is shared between iOS and Android versions
  • User interface refreshed
  • Families now supports GEDCOM as well as Legacy files
  • New simplified help pages
  • Option to display User Id, AFN, FamilySearch Id or Find A Grave Id with individual's name instead of RIN
  • Option to display short locations
  • Powerful new Detailed Search option similar to Legacy's
  • Ability to return to previous search criteria and search list
  • Options to include married and alternate names in search list
  • Ability to display all ToDo items
  • Support for Legacy 9 features, including same sex relationships, hashtags and stories
A new version of Families Sync, 3.0.0, is also available, and is required if you wish to transfer GEDCOM files to Families.  The Families web site has also been updated.

Note that there may be a delay in the availability of the new version on all platforms pending app store approval.

Malcolm Green