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Location - back button
In the past I've mostly looked at locations by locating them in the alphabetic list.
It was great to realise that if I typed in a town or village name which may well be in the middle of the full location I would see all addresses, churches etc in that place.
But when I select a person connected with the location it would be useful to be able to go back to the place without having to select it again, and ideally to be able to go back to the list of place containing what I had entered.

Since I was in quite a few churchyards on holiday last week other things that would be useful would be to be able to filter the list to people buried there, and to see a woman's married name (in fact these features this would do away with the need for the back button - since I was going to people associated with a place mainly to see if they were buried there and their name at burial)

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