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Sync process (Dev food for thought)
This is App is just a back and forth file copy which, believe me, is very long-awaited starting point, but still not a real sync. I'm so happy to be able to use my iPhone when traveling like I did my Palm PDA's for so long with older programs. However, data can be entered on the PC or iPhone, but not both between "syncs". You must keep track where your last (current) data resides. Backups are a must.

eWallet for instance, uses ProSync which actually checks record dates and times. It only updates those that have changed on any syncing device during a sync process. Actually, I sync eWallet between 4 devices at the same time with all getting the latest data from the others. Should the same record be changed on my iPod, iPhone, home PC or work PC, a duplicate is created with a "2" appended to the record name and warning issued after the sync is completed so you can verify which is correct.

This would be a sync timesaver for this App if it's technically possible with the Legacy database, especially for those with very large databases. Plus, it would not destroy data from a missed sync with data being updated on the non current device.

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