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PC software issues.
Hello everyone,

First I think we need a new sub-forum dedicated to the software on a PC/Mac.

Yesterday I ran Families Sync and was invited to update. I did so and was informed it would be better if I removed Families Sync from my PC and reload again a complete new version from the website. This I duly did.

Downloaded OK, started to install, my C drive is really full and I would have liked the option to install on another drive but this was not available, please fix this software team. Then it said I needed to install MS C++ v??? 2010 (or something like that). I was not aware of what I had so I let it go ahead. It duly failed to correctly install the C++ and I have no idea why. I choose to continue and everything semmed OK except the time bar faied to indicate anything, then it completed successfully it said. BUT it failed to install the C++ bit.

I opted to open Families Sync and everything appeared to be fine. There was a question about the Legacy directory that I did not understand so I looked into setting and changed various data directories. None of this appears to have been noticed when I actually ran a Sync, the data files were put into new directories on my C drive again. I am not a computer novice but neither am I an expert, I was for a while perplexed.

The Sync did work but not without some head scratching. Please software team get a complete novice to help you write your notes and help for you, someone who has to use the product, it's no good experts writiing them as they know (or think they know) what's happening.

So THREE questions:
 °1 - Why did it fail the C++ installation?
 °2 - Can I have an ability to install on another drive other than C?
 °3 - What's the point of the directory setting options if they are ignored?

Thanks in anticipation, always willing to help improve things.

Seth REEDER, Burgundy, France.

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