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Installation issues with Families Sync
I recently purchased a new computer, which means I am now downloading the Families Sync software again. I had no issues with my last computer, but am unable to download on this new one. I clicked the install button, and before being able to select which type of device it would be syncing to, I received a message saying the file may not be safe. I clicked on install anyway, and it took me to this screen:

Gateway Anti-Virus Alert

This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: Virlock.A_70 (Virus)

I've checked the Windows Firewall and the McAfee Firewall (even though McAfee is set to control the firewall), and they don't show any sort of event or anything blocked. I'm at a complete loss as to how to get this downloaded so I can resume using Legacy Family Tree on both my computer and tablet. Has anyone experienced this or can anyone give me a better understanding of how to circumvent the message?


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Installation issues with Families Sync - by lamac - 04-Oct-2015, 12:06 AM

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