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Can't sync
Huh  Hi, I have had the app for some time, but don't back up regularly (unfortunately) as it doesn't seem overly intuitive. However went to back up yesterday and I couldn't get it to open up on my PC. I went back and fore and kept getting the message "Only 1 instance of Families Sync is allowed" and an OK box. I have no idea what this means. I got fed up and uninstalled then reinstalled several times. Same error message. I had another go today with same message recurring. So I went for lunch, and lo and behold when I came back the app was OPEN although not responding, so I had to close it. Since then I still can't get it open. Single click does nothing, double click brings up error message. Any bright ideas, please?

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Can't sync - by konstadt - 13-Aug-2017, 08:14 AM
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