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Problem with latest version of Families
I recently upgraded to Legacy version 9 and so wanting to refresh my database on my Android tablet I also updated to the latest version of Families. I thought I should also update to the latest version of Families Sync as I had not done this for a time. The method I use to put the Sqlite file on the tablet is to remove my external microsd card from the tablet and mount it on the PC. I then run Families Sync using my new Legacy 9 fdb file as source and target the folder i have been using for some time on the microsd card. The Families Sync file conversion proceeded as normal and created the expected Sqlite file in my folder on the microsd card. However when I replaced the microsd card in the tablet and booted up Android and started Families , the app did not show the new file , only the sample file.
I eventually checked the settings and found that there was a Base Folder setting which did not reflect the Folder which I have always used in the past and into which I had placed the new file. There seems to be no way of changing this Base Folder setting. Even worse , the Base folder specified, is write protected and I cannot copy the new file into it and Families Sync cannot use it to write the file to my tablet any longer.
How can I proceed now ?

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Problem with latest version of Families - by Rick - 04-Oct-2017, 03:09 PM

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