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Works on my iPhone and iPad
I am running families on my 3GS 16GB OS4 iPhone and 32 GB iPad and have not had any problems. My Legacy files are in my dropbox/public folder and sync's with both devices witout any problems. I sync to 4 family files and one has 9,150 folks. I am sync'ing from a desktop running Windows 7 64bit.

When I switched from a Win Mobile phone I was hoping someone would write an iPhone program that would sync with Legacy instead of using a GEDCOM - THANKS Malcolm.
I purchased your product on August 6 and installed it on my 8gb IPOD touch/4OS from my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I am using the latest version (7.4+) of Legacy Family Tree Deluxe and it works great. I just love this program. The syncing was so easy. I have a legacy file of about 6000 individuals with pictures and notes on many. All of it looks great on my IPOD touch. I also have a pocket pc with the pocket genealogist installed on it and have used it in the past for my genealogy library visits, but your program was so much simpler to install and the syncing was also an easier process. I also find your program is easier to use and maneuver through the screens. All the information on the IPOD in this program now has come from my laptop database and I haven't noticed any issues as mentioned so far in this forum. Thanks for your product and I look forward to its return soon. THANKS so much Malcolm!!!

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