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text size for larger tablets - and margins
Having added a Google Nexus 10 to my armoury of devices, I find that whilst the text size on iPhone is just about as big as can be got away with on a tiny screen, on the 10 inch tablet the text is quite tiny. By direct measurement the font on the tablet is about 5% linear smaller than on the iphone. Doubtless it is nominally the same but available fonts may differ. In fact it also looks as if there is lots of white space above and below, as well as left and right. In a closed thread finishing in 2011, the issue of font size was slated for a new release.
As the 10 inch tablet is about linear 2* the size of the iPhone screen, or 4* area approx, I wonder can anything be done? The family screen looks very odd.
I am thinking in terms not necessarily of auto adapt, but selectable s,m,l for phone, 7inch and 10 inch respectively. Perhaps the font can scale down to fit very small size, but Max size is too small as bigger tablets not too common when app started?
I like the app so will continue to use, but in adverse light conditions it can be as much strain to read the tablet as an iPhone...

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