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Samsung Tab 3
Good Morning, the weirdest thing has happened. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 last week and installed Families. I love it, it's just what I want! Downloaded files/pictures the whole nine yards. I've added more info on my computer and synced successfully. But today, well. Last night, since I'm going to visit my cousin in Florida, I added more info & pictures and wanted to sync again today. I went into the Data storage to see how big the file is and to see what difference it will make. Families is not listed in the Data Storage! I could still see my tree etc. so I decided to sync. Now when I open the tree it shows NO PHOTOS and lots of information is missing. I don't even know now how to uninstall and reinstall if I can't find it in the Data Storage. I did make sure before I synced that I made sure the transfer photos option was checked.
Any ideas?
I figured it out! Managed to uninstall and reinstall and synced again and all is forgiven!
Thanks for now.....until the next "crisis".

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