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Families Sync does not open
(24-Apr-2014, 03:45 PM)chikki Wrote: Thanks for your very prompt reply, however I understood it should be on both as this is my husbands tablet I
am trying to fix, I already have it working on mine and families sync is on both, in fact it seems like to me that the
tablet uses that program to view the family tree. Please bear with me as I am trying to understand.
Maybe on thinking about it, I should just import the family file and then it will automatically work, is that right?
Thank you so much for your patience.

No, you need to install the Families app on your tablet (e.g. from Google Play) and Families Sync on your PC (from ). For details of how to transfer your family file to the tablet, see .

Malcolm Green
Thanks again for your reply, I can't understand why, when I download the families sync onto the tablet, I can't find it anywhere on his tablet, only in the downloads app
which will not allow me to open the file.
It's quite a saga, but I have had families sync on it before, and it was working perfectly that night but in the morning when opened, the family file was empty and unable to be viewed, so I stupidly deleted the whole lot to start again, but I have been unable to get Families Sync back on the tablet

Thanks chikki

OMG I have just found out how to install it through Play Store, how stupid of me to have not realized that's how to do it. Thank you so much, I need to now hope the family file transfers OK, if not I will be back, but I feel sure it will be ok now.

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