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Reading pdf files
I've loaded my Legacy v7 family file on my Samsung Note3, (Android version 4.3) phone.

I included the option to load documents in addition to pictures.
I can see my pdf files referenced on the phone. I have, for instance, a pdf file of the transcription of an 1850 census. I see it in families correctly referred to as a pdf file. When I click it the 1850 Census form displays but none of the data was included. It's just a blank census form.

When I click it, I get the option to "Complete action using" either Amazon Kindle or Polaris Office 4.0. I've tried both and the results are the same, just a blank census form.

What do I need to correctly ready my pdf files in families?

Ok, I've solved my problem. I thought I had Adobe Reader installed but it wasn't.
I've installed it and now all of the data appears in my pdf files.


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