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Can't reorder photos
When I try to reorder photos for an individual on my iPad, it initially appears to work, but when I go back to check, the photos are again in the original (wrong) order.
I select 'Pictures/Edit', then using the bars on the right I drag the photos into the correct order and press 'Done'.
Please let me know if there's a solution for this.
Does anyone else have this problem ? Is there a solution ?
(02-Nov-2014, 04:58 PM)MidgeB Wrote: Does anyone else have this problem ? Is there a solution ?

The only situation in which we've been able to reproduce this problem is where the "preferred" picture is not the first in the list (as shown in Legacy). It would be useful if you could confirm that this is true in your case. We'll fix the problem in a future release. Meanwhile your best option is to reorder the photos in Legacy before transferring to Families.

Malcolm Green
I haven't been able to find any individuals where the 'preferred' photo is not the first photo in the list but I have found several individuals who have multiple 'preferred' photos (as many as 6) -- these photos cluster at the top of the list and seem to be preventing correctly reordering the photos. I'm not sure how these multiples happened -- perhaps when I first downloaded the records into Families (?).
In Families I'm not able to edit the 'preferred' status so that there is only one 'preferred' photo.
I did go into Legacy on my PC and made sure that there was only one preferred photo for a few of the problem records, then downloaded the file again to my iPad -- this corrected the problem. I'll now need to apply this solution to all of my problem records.
Thanks for suggesting that it might be the 'preferred' photos that were causing the problem.

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