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Is there a way to set larger font size?
I think the default fixed font size used for Family View was changed a year or two ago, which was an "improvement" but really not like providing the user with a Setting capability.  While I understand other users might have much more info to display than I have, this is why having a Setting functionality is appropriate so that forcing a one-size-fits-all assumption would not be the case.  Users would be able to find a right size that works for them, and their database, and makes the presentation as readable as possible.  Best-possible use of the available real estate would be left to the user to experiment with and decide.

I'm still playing with my new S7, and tried out Descendant View. Well, this font size was never changed as Family View was. So it's even smaller, and even less readable.  An enormous amount of unused screen real estate is just shamefully not used, when it's clear that at least tripling the font size would be perfectly fine. But once again, why not just have a Setting to let setting font size be up to the user to play with in order to get right for the specific database being presented.

Here are two screenshots from my S7.  The actual image below is set to be 7.6" height at 72dpi, although the S7 screen height is more like 3.8".  But I think the point should still be made, that an enormous amount of screen goes unused at the great expense of loss of readability when all we want to see is a name and birth date, or death date, or marriage date, etc.

Here is Family View:

[Image: Srv4CM.jpg]

And here is Descendant View:

[Image: htXZ2S.jpg]
Thanks.  We'll take your comments into account for the next major version.

Malcolm Green

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