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Two way street?
Your website isn't quite clear - I see that you can edit and create a new file, but can it be sync'd back to Legacy?

If you edit the Legacy file and it does sync back, how does that work? Does it create a new file on the PC or does it import the changes into the existing file?

If it's imported into the existing file, is a backup of the main database automatically created or is the user reminded to create one?

I don't use the iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch but might be asked these questions since I do Legacy support!


After editing on the iPhone etc you can transfer the file back to the PC. By default the file is written with a different name from the original to avoid overwriting the latter. The file can then replace the original if no changes have been made on the PC (the help file advises of the importance of taking a backup). Alternatively the file can be merged with the original using Legacy's merge functionality if changes have been made on the PC or if only a subset of the file was transferred to the device. New individuals added by Families will have unique IntelliShare values so Legacy's IntelliShare feature can be used to merge.


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