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First impressions
I'll be back with a few suggestions when I've used it more, but very happy so far. I used the Wifi sync, then wandered to watch the telly whilst it did so, and it had done in no time.

One minor thing to report. I simply loaded my file and synced as described then opened it, went to the family view and rotated to landscape and it rotated (but didn't resize) and crashed out of the app. I then loaded it again, found myself and added me as the startup couple, then tried the family thing again, this time it resized on rotate. So, it's possible that for a fresh install and doing this without a startup couple causes a crash.

One initial suggestion is to have some 'favourites' or bookmarks. Like on Legacy where you can have three people as bookmarks. This makes it easy to get to people who you are working on at the time.

So far, good job.


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