World Family Tree works in conjunction with, the leading genealogy web site, enabling you to view your Geni family tree in a variety of ways on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device.

World Family Tree supports the following functionality:

  • Family View, Pedigree View, Descendant View and Timeline
  • Index, searchable by First Name, Last Name or Geni Id
  • Birth, Baptism, Death and Burial Events
  • Geolocation of event locations
  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Bookmarks
  • Portrait and Landscape mode on all views
  • Full screen support on the iPad
  • Data may be created and updated by Geni Pro users

World Family Tree caches your family tree data locally, so that once downloaded it is immediately available, saving time and data transfer costs. To use World Family Tree you will need a free or Pro account with, and access to the Internet from your mobile device.
Please see the Support page for information on the maintenance status of the app.