The Families app works in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree, the leading Windows-based genealogy software from Millennia Corporation. Legacy family files can be easily transferred from a PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are. Families supports the following functionality:
  • Multiple family files
  • New family files can be created from scratch
  • Family View, Pedigree View, Descendant View and Timeline
  • Index, searchable by Given Name, Surname or RIN
  • Events
  • To Do Lists
  • Master and Detail Sources
  • Locations and Addresses, with geolocation via Google Maps
  • Alternate Names
  • Pictures, including the ability to add pictures from camera or photo album
  • Documents, audio and video files
  • Bookmarks
  • Portrait and Landscape mode on all views
  • Full screen support on the iPad
  • Legacy file versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 are supported

Families uses a highly efficient database implementation, allowing very large family files to be supported. Users have successfully displayed and edited files containing over 1 million individuals on an iPhone.

A sample family file is included.

Families requires a companion program running on the PC to transfer family files to and from the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device. This program, Families Sync, can be downloaded free of charge from
here. Families Sync transfers files using either a Wi-Fi network connection or a USB cable between the device and the PC. To use USB transfer to or from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iTunes must be installed on the PC. It is also recommended that iTunes is installed when using a Wi-Fi transfer as this enables Families Sync to automatically detect when your device is ready for a transfer. As well as Wi-Fi and USB transfer, you can also use Families Sync just to convert your family file to and from the format required by Families, and transfer the file using email or cloud services such as DropBox.

For support and exchange of information with other users, please use the Families Forum.